Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blackberry Crisp

Hmm looks like I am back after my disappearing act. It’s been 5 months since I left my blog alone. If you ask me what happened, I might say my son’s vaccation is the culprit. Hmm but the the truth is that only half of it is true and the other half was my lazziness or I guess I was bored for a while. Well I started new things, I am a farmer and cafĂ© owner, who can grow or cook things in 2-8 hrs, how nice. I am talking about Face book and it’s endless applications.

Well coming back to our blackberry crisp, I made this for my husband’s office party. They were hosting a baby shower for a collegue . I had a big list of things ,but narrowed down to this one. The funniest part is that this is the first time I am making this dish and after he left with the dessert I was really worried about how it would taste. Luckily they liked it, the next day I made the same at home and we enjoyed it barely warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Tangy ,sweet ,warm blackberry filling with crisp,cinnamony ( is it even a word?) sweet topping with creamy vanilla ice cream , the rest you can guess…….



Black berry- 4 cups
White sugar- 1/3 cup
Lemon juice- 2 tsp
Corn starch- 1tsp
Cinnamon- ½ tsp


Flour: ½ cup
Packed Brown sugar: 1/2 cup
Cinnamon: ½ tsp
Quick cooking rolled Oats: ¾ cup
Salt: a pinch
Softened Unsalted Butter:4 tbsp/ 1 stick


Preheat oven to 375 degree.

Wash and drain berries. In a bowl mix dry berries , sugar, lemon juice and cornstarch well (all the ingredients under fillings).

Empty the contents along with the juices into a well buttered baking pan . Press it down with a spatula , just be careful not to mush the berries

In another bowl mix all the contents for the topping either with a fork or hands. It will resemble coarse crumbs. Empty the contents evenly on the filling .

Bake it for 45 mns. Once it’s done cool it ,serve it barely warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

All recipes are on Petitchef

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