Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicken Lollipop

This is a great finger food and a perfect appetizer for parties. When you cut the wings, there will be 3 pieces. One is the drum stick; second one that looks like wings and the third is the tip. The drumstick piece is good for this recipe and I have used that piece in this recipe. The wing piece (with two bones) is good for stuffing, well I tried that too.


Chicken wings- 2 lb


Garlic Paste or minced- 3 Tbs
Soy sauce- 2 Tbs
Chilli Powder- According to taste


Egg- 1
All purpose flour: ½ cup
Cornflour: ¼ cup
Garlic Paste or miced: 3-4 tbs
Salt: to taste
Chilli powder: to taste
Soy Sauce: 2: Tbs
Oil: for frying


Clean and dry the wings. Cut the wings into 3 parts and discard the tip. Take the piece, cut the flesh around the bone. Hold it down on the cutting board and slowly push the meat down. The second piece has two bones, follow the same method and push the flesh down. Then slightly twist one of the bones and take it out.

In a bowl mix garlic, soy sauce and chilli powder. Add the clean wings and marinate it for 30 mns.

In another bowl mix together all the ingredients with water. The batter should be thick enough to coat the lollipop. Heat oil in a big wok, dip each lollipop in the batter and gently put it into the oil. Fry it in 4- 5 batches .Fry it until golden brown in color. Drain into a tissue paper and keep them aside and allow it to cool.

Serve with ketchup.


Faiza Ali said...

yummmmmmmy yummmmm...I am drooling..they look so tempting dear.

Anonymous said...

my favourite favourite starter!!!!! awesomeeeeee!!

Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

That's one delicious chicken lollipops well like by my kids:)

Vrinda said...

Tempting lollipops...nice color..

Swathi said...


Chicken lollipops looks really good.

Link for the award is

shahana said...

Perfect shape.Look exactly like what v get in hotels

Priya said...

Such a delicious lollipops...looks fantastic..

Padma said...

Delicious chicken lollipops. Nice presentation too.

Sarah Naveen said...

Wow!!!! Too good...making me hungry..yummy yummmm

Aparna said...

first time here..this lollipops are my favorite...will finish off in a sec...i wish i culd get some...hmmmm:)

nisha said...

Very tempting :) looks delicious.

crispus said...

adipolee post dear! will try this def! tried ur manchurian..i Lov manchurian :)

kothiyavunu said...

Love love the look of those lollipop, preethi :)Absolutely delicious looking..nice presentation!

Nostalgia said...

That took some work I see but the lolipops looks great. Worth all the effort I am sure and thanks for sharing.

Cicily Antony said...

I'm desperate to have a bite...extremely tempting!!!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Can i have a bite or two? Looks absolutely delicious. Can't keep my hands off after seeing these pic. Thanks a lot for leaving your valuable comments. It really means a lot to me. Having some issues with my comments box( it's been fixed now) so replying a bit late.
Hope to be in touch
Happy blogging

Viki's Kitchen said...

Chicken lollipop seems so attractive. lovely.

Malar Gandhi said...

wow chicken lolli pop makes me very hungry...highly tempting:)

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